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The Studios at Manhasset Bay Records manage content assets and compose and produce commercial and charitable media projects, campaigns, prescores and postscores for organizations including “Child Abuse Preventive Services” and “Transplant Recipients International Organization” The Studios also produce audio and sound design for important global issues such as The Anti Drug Campaign as well as special projects, commemorations and tributes for Bob Wright, Former NBC Chairman & CEO and the “Thanks and Gratitude To All Our American Soldiers” event as well as profiling talent for ABC Family Channel Productions.

The Studios at Manhasset Bay Records garnered multiple awards for the production of audio for both commercial and positive messages of compassion and support.

Our Audio Facility, SOS PRODUCTIONS brings together the talent and technology to
guide our clients through the complete media creation process. We provide the world’s best tools and the know-how to ensure that your goals are exceeded and that you are thrilled with your project’s end product. 

SSL-Solid State Logic AWS 948 Delta Console

For those into technology, you will notice that SOS PRODUCTIONS has effectively married the cutting edge digital audio recording technology including the new Pro Tools HDX System and two expanded Pro Tools HDX systems with absolute top shelf analogue gear (such as an SSL -Solid State Logic AWS 948 Delta Console) and highly sought after vintage valve technology at the front and back end. What a combination! Be sure to check out our photos that include our 21 Channels of Avalon Design Equipment, Neve mic pre amps and 1073 EQ’s, and the GML-George Massenburg Parametric Equalizer.

We provide our clients audio recording facilities only or can provide producers, award winning film directors, composers, arrangers, audio engineers, video editors and the most creative talent on the planet. In a nutshell, we provide our clients with the resources, operational flexibility, and cost efficiencies while continuing to service our clients with world-class studios, veteran engineers, and truly exceptional customer service.